Fiumicino Airport Shuttle Bus

Connections to and from the airport of Fiumicino and Fiumicino city.

From the Rome Termini station and from Piazza Cavour (Vatican area), the Shuttle buses depart for Fiumicino airport and city.

From the city of Fiumicino and from Fiumicino airport buses leave regularly for Rome stopping first in the main Rome center and then arriving at the Termini train station.

Information and timetables


  • Rome Termini, Via Marsala 5
  • Vatican, Via Crescenzio 2
  • Fiumicino Airport Bus Station, Terminal 3 exit


€ 6.00 one way

€ 11.00 return ticket

Download timetables ROME> FIUMICINO

Download timetables FIUMICINO > ROME