The Omnia Card

Rome, the heart of Christianity, is a city rich in history, museums, churches and places of worship. Omnia Card helps you get the most out of your trip, making everything simpler, clearer and cost-effective.

According to the length of your stay, we can offer two solutions: a card with a validity of 24 hours and one with a validity of 72 hours, both comprehensive of a selected number of services.

Omnia 24-hour

If you’re coming for a brief trip to Rome, choose an unforgettable experience with the 24-hour Omnia Card. Discover the treasures of Christian Rome with facilitations and unique conditions.

€ 55,00

Omnia 72H

Make your Rome stay unforgettable with our 72-hour Omnia Card, which not only offers you a vast choice of Vatican&Rome services but also gives you Roma Pass a card provided by the City of Rome giving you access to over 40 archaeological sites and museums and to free public transport (metro and over-ground services).

€ 113,00